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A Kiwi making waves in the USA with her passion for horses and people alike. Rachel's all about fostering a fun, stress-free connection between you and your trusty steed, aiming to inspire you to ace those horse goals.

Rachel's dedication to making the world a better place for both horses and humans shines through. 

Rachel loves to help make difficult things simple and fun! "I hope to inspire you and help you gain more confidence. :-).


Co-founder of Mastery Horsemanship, Rachel's mission is clear: to help folks like you build strong, lifelong bonds with your equine partners and enhance communication like never before.

For Rachel, horses aren't just a hobby—they're a way of life. With 40 years of horse wisdom tucked under her saddle, she's seen it all and is eager to share her insights with you.

Driven by her motto, "Live Where Nothing Holds You Back," Rachel's journey has been one of self-discovery and growth, with horses by her side every step of the way.

From her days as a competition rider to overcoming challenges with scary horses, Rachel's learned a thing or two about building trust and communication. Now, she's ready to pass on those invaluable lessons to you.

So, if you're ready to embark on a wondrous journey of horse-human connection, Rachel's the one to call. Reach out to her personally at (406) 381-6398 or shoot her an email at The adventure awaits!

Rachel Jessop
Rachel Jessop
Rachel Jessop
Rachel Jessop
Rachel Jessop
Rachel Jessop
Rachel Jessop

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