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Mastery Horsemanship



Gain or regain and remain confident to do what you love.
For your horse and you!

Don Jessop


Don opened up a community, full of people on the same journey you are!
To share LIVE Q&A's and help people and horses transform Confidence.

Don Jessop


Don shares his  passion for writing with his passion for helping horse owners see the horse and themselves for who they truly are.

Don Jessop


Don believes every horse owner should have access to the Principles of Horsemanship and he shares them freely here.

Trusted for Over 20 Years!

What others are saying...

"Wonderful instructor have worked with for about 10 years. Author of, ‘Leadership and Horses’."

- Donna Falquero

Don and Rachel... are full of useful knowledge to help you solve your horsemanship problems, or to guide you through building a positive relationship with your horse.

- Justin Hirst

I would highly recommend Mastery Horsemanship. My horse and I were struggling with connection under saddle. We are now both happy and confident.

- Ruth Easley

... Many thanks to Don and Rachel, for giving me the understanding and the tools to be able to progress and truly build a relationship with my horse. 

- Sue and TD

Leadership and Horses

Leadership and Horses

Every Leader needs a Plan!
Uncover the 4B's Leadership Formula
and become the leader your horse deserves!...

Horse Mastery Journal

Horse Mastery Journal

Every Leader needs a Plan!
And now for the first time, there is a daily planner for horse lovers and trainers alike... 

Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide 

to Foundation Training

Every Leader needs a Plan!
A 34 step process, to help you and your horse have a great partnership and some fun along the way...

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