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We help Horses and You to gain Confidence Together.
​Making Horse Time Easy and Fun!

Have you lost Confidence?
Let's get it!

Our mission is to help you

  • ​See Confidence
  • ​Feel Confidence
  • ​Be Confidence

Solid steps to Confidence
​Get your dreams with horses!

Not Sure Where to Get Started?

Follow these six simple steps to get you off to a flying start!

Step #1 - Get a FREE Strategy Session 

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11 Princliples That Will Change Your Relationship With Your Horse!

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Inspirational Articles 

Don shares his passion for writing with his passion for helping horse owners see the horse and themselves for who they truly are.
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The Confidence Course...

Whether you choose our monthly or yearly plan you will receive full access to the following benefits!

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You Will...

Transform Yourself

This course is full of curated lessons specifically designed to help you succeed as you and your horse grow closer and more confident!

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We will...

Answer All Your Questions!

Join a live Q&A  class every month where we answer your personal questions and solve any challenge you're facing. Also when appropriate we give a live demonstration!

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Connect To An Amazing Community

Join our amazing community, full of people who are on the same journey you are!
We want you to see your success! Our goal is no less than a five star review and a happy customer! 

Step #5 - Get Don's Books

Leadership and Horses

Leadership and Horses

Every Leader needs a Plan!
Uncover the 4B's Leadership Formula
and become the leader your horse deserves!...

Horse Mastery Journal

Horse Mastery Journal

Every Leader needs a Plan!
And now for the first time, there is a daily planner for horse lovers and trainers alike... 

Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide 

to Foundation Training

Every Leader needs a Plan!
A 34 step process, to help you and your horse have a great partnership and some fun along the way...

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