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Snap out of it!

Don Jessop

Three things that stole your motivation and one way to get it back.

1. You're too busy.

2. You got hurt and forgot why you love doing what you do.

3. You have too many options for leisure time.

How to get back your motivation. SNAP OUT OF IT!

You're in a loop. Remember how, in the old days, you didn't have to motivate yourself and set reminders on your calendar and make it happen. There's a simple reason you never had to schedule time to do what you love. It's because ALL time was reserved for what you love and everything else just got in the way. Meaning, you couldn't wait to get back to it as soon as any windows in time allowed for it.

Now, you have to finish your other tasks and then make a decision for how to spend your free time. Before you just went straight to your favorite activity. Now, you weigh your options. From resting to social time, to TV shows, etc. You find yourself with too many leisurely activities. It's a loop. Snap out of it. Make your favorite thing, the only thing. Leave your other hobbies for after your favorite hobby.

In the case you've been hurt by your favorite thing, for instance, falling off the horse, just know, you're in a loop again. Everyone experiences negative outcomes at some point in their passionate endeavors. The people that slowly fade away are the ones that get stuck in the loop of remembering the pain instead of the pleasure. Believe it or not, with some practice, you can literally refocus and remember the best of days, without the shadows. And now, it's even better, because now, you're smarter.

In the case you're a busy body and find yourself without time to do what you want day by day, SNAP OUT OF IT! This is the oldest psychological trick in the playback. Telling yourself you're too busy is just a pattern of words. What you focus on expands. Keep playing back those words and watch how it just reinforces your experience. I've been there. And I've broken free of "busy." I have more on my plate than any other time in my life, and yet, I am extremely free with my time. I have all the time I need. I'm an excellent time manager. You are too. You just have to snap out of the patterns you've established.

Once aware, change is possible. So, pay attention to your patterns of demotivating behaviors, words, and thoughts. SNAP out of the loops. Make new, better loops. It starts, and ends, with you!

I believe in you! ​Don Jessop

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Hi! I'm Don Jessop

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I write to inspire, educate and encourage you on your horse and personal journey.

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Don opened up a community, full of people on the same journey you are!
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Don Jessop


Don shares his  passion for writing with his passion for helping horse owners see the horse and themselves for who they truly are.

Don Jessop


Don believes every horse owner should have access to the Principles of Horsemanship and he shares them freely here.

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