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Don Jessop

Do you have no motivation to be with your horse, or to play, or to ride?

Watch this video below where I discussed with a student about how to make more positive associations with your horse.

I look forward to hearing how you make positive associations with your horse.

You can use your favorite treat as a positive neuro association to "want" to do it more.

It's easy to focus on negative thoughts like, "I don't have time." We call that complaining. Whether it's real or not, it's complaining. Try instead to drop the negative thinking. With practice it becomes very easy to stop it. And by stopping negative thinking you replace it for neutral and positive thinking.

Creating positive associations to being with your horse is very important. And way easier than we ever thought. Add a treat, practice positive thoughts, do less and end on a happy note. Don't try to accomplish things. Instead, be there to "enjoy" things. And if it doesn't sound fun... make it fun.

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